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Violet the Pilot in Canada is the 1st during the number of childrens ebook collection created by business pilot and mom of two, Bettina Bathe. During this ebook, Grandpa Cliff as well as young Chantel and Mathias are going on a tenting and fishing vacation in Ontario, Canada.

Violet the pilot and her trusty animal and insect mates are employed to go ahead and take pure cocaine for sale 3 vacationers to their destination in her violet-colored floatplane. Violet teaches her travellers with regard to the floatplane, normally takes them by First flight strategies and provides the visitors securely for their destination. For Violet, protection always arrives 1st as she instructs the travellers the way to exit the airplane, secure them selves in opposition to the harming sun reflected from the water and even more.

Beautifully illustrated landscapes with Canadian wildlife tucked into the images right here and there'll let For additional interest in the images. The illustrator, Barbara Fortin, produces a superb depiction of rural Ontarios well-regarded “Cottage Region” area.

Violet the Pilot in Canada provides more than leisure and instruction. The creator has also devoted a portion of the revenue of this ebook to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Moreover, Bettinas Web page (www.violetthepilot.com) presents contests and awards for young readers.

ISBN#: 1-4120-3215-6

Writer: Bettina Bathe

Illustrator: Barbara Fortin

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Released: October 2004